Domestic digital products and

O2O service provider, online and offline integration platform.

Focus on research and development of style, practical and affordable digital products.

The leading technology team in the professional industry introduces the top technology concept.

Products and services to enhance integration, support more reliable product protection.

Guangzhou Nopoos Electronics Co. Ltd. is one of the professional IT manufacturing company from development, production to the sales of the mouse, keyboard, headset and other computer peripheral products.

About us



Quality, service, information, feelings

Create a global brand and a scientific and technological innovation-oriented enterprise !

Promote the digital products industry to develop quickly and better!

Service for digital products industry!


The jump on the mouse and keyboard is the product of every era of progress. It contains the culture of scientific and technological progress, and the digital products of Moteng series are the reflection of the combination of traditional culture and modern ideas.



The keyboard is a necessity of the new era of technology, Nopoos has been disrupted along the walk in front of the era of philosophy,

Quality clearance and product excellence are our aim.



Producing from the Chinese rigorous and excellent workmanship, each product of Moteng series marks the progress of science and technology of each step in the process of our excellence, bringing high quality goods adhering to the principle of quality first.


Guangzhou Nopoos Electronics Co., Ltd
Quality achievements of the future, the quality of achievements you and me
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